Debra Basler
Assistant Director


 Hello Everyone,

I have lived much of my life in Illinois, Arkansas, Wisconsin and now Texas.  In 1988, my career path changed from Social Work and Lay Ministry to ESL.  It seems unreal that I have worked in the field of TESOL for over 20 years with much of that time here at the ELI.  As an instructor, I have taught 15 of the 18 of the ELI courses.  Teaching ismy first love.  I enjoy stimulating my students' curiosity and learning as much as I can about my students' cultures.  Since 1993, I have also been the listening/ speaking coordinator, Advisor to the Student Council, Academic Advisor and Assistant Director and anything else that people need me to do.  Serving students here at the ELI is a top priority.

My home life is shared with my husband, Bill and our puppy, Wilbur.  Even though we are direct opposites in many ways, we joyfully share our life through volunteering, church activities, traveling, cooking and spending time together.  Life is very good to us.

My advice to students would be “WORK HARD, PLAY HARD!”