What our students say...


Hsiu-Fen Lin


Fall 2010


Good morning


My name is Iris. I started my ELI program at Jun, 2010. I am glad that I have finished all the courses at ELI and feel honored that I have this opportunity to share my learning experience with you. I am a non-traditional ELI student because I have worked for many years after I graduated from college. As my work experience grows, I had a chance to do business with companies in other countries. (Read More...)



Duy Nguyen


Spring 2009


Hello Everyone, I'm so proud to be here today to share my experience of studying English at The English Language Institute of the University of Texas at Arlington. I have been here for 3 semesters from January last year. In my opinion, the Intensive English Program is just a wonderful program that I have attended. (Read More...)




Bibiana Cala


Fall 2011


Good morning everybody. One year ago, Fernando and I started a new stage in our lives. We got married, quit our jobs and packed our bags to live a new experience, adventure and life in another country. We traveled to the US with the purpose to learn English; however, we found that we not only successfully learned a new language, but also we met new people, made new friends, and learned about the American culture and many other cultures. (Read More...)


Pauline Tamale


Spring 2010


Good Afternoon everyone! And Malo e Lelei! Aren't you all happy to take your vacation? I bet you all do. It has been a long and busy semester for all of us, but we MADE it to the end and it is for us to be happy about it. On behalf of the students of ELI for the spring 2010, I would like to say "THANK YOU" to the Director of the program, Dr.Keith Maurice and the faculty and staff members, for the entire endeavor that you all put upon us this semester. (Read More...)

Wilfred Guy


Fall 2012


Hi everybody, today I am glad to be one of the students who has the opportunity to give this semester's Student Response. I will first say thanks to all the faculty members of ELI who have been doing their job well. Also, thank you so much to those teachers who taught me in the various levels. Without them, my English skills would not be improved as it is today. I started in level one and now I am finished with all of my levelsl. (Read More...)

Alonso Barajas


Fall 2012


Good morning ladies and gentlemen, faculty and members of the English language Institute at this university. First of all, it is a pleasure for me to give the student response in one of the best experiences in my life. First, I want to thank all the faculty members of this program who have been part of my improvement and success during these last three semesters in this program. I still remember my first days in the United States when I couldn't talk with someone for more than three minutes. Even though I had been studying English for more than 5 years back home, (Read More...)

Feras Alzaitoun


Fall 2013


Good morning my friends, my teachers and ELI faculty. First it is my pleasure to give the students response speech and I want to thank the ELI faculty members for nominating me and giving me the opportunity to give this speech. I remember the first day at ELI as my heart pulsed very fast when I was on my way to my first encounter at the ELI. I could not forget this day that I went home with self-confident feeling that I understood every word; it was said during the meeting. (Read More...)