Tuition Deposit FAQ:

(updated February 24, 2017)


Q: What is a tuition deposit?

A: A tuition deposit is a payment that will secure your position in the upcoming session. A formal receipt will be written and sent with the acceptance package; this receipt will re-affirm the Student’s commitment to pursuing language studies here at the English Language Institute. We highly encourage all applicants to present this receipt to the consulate official during their visa interview.


Q: Am I required to submit a tuition deposit?

A: Yes, the English Language Institute now requires International Students to submit a $500 tuition deposit before the acceptance package is sent to them.


Q: If I am a sponsored student being supported by my government, am I required to submit a tuition deposit?

A: No, as long as you can provide proof of sponsorship to the Admissions Counselor.


Q: How much is the deposit amount?

A: The deposit amount for international applicants is $500 USD.

A: The deposit amount for a permanent resident or citizen is $250 USD.


Q: What is the difference between the permanent resident and international student tuition deposit?

A: The permanent resident / US citizen deposit is non-refundable and it will be deducted from the tuition payment of the first attended session.


Q: For International applicants, will the tuition deposit be deducted from my tuition payment?

A: No, the deposit will not be deducted from your tuition payment. It will be held until the completion of the language program.


Q: How can I send payment?

A: We will only accept a wire transfer or you can pay online here:


Q: If I am applying for the Summer only program, will I need to pay for the tuition deposit?

A: Starting Summer 2017, those applicants who chose to apply to the 8-week only program will be required to pay the $750 tuition deposit. This deposit will be immediately deducted from your Summer tuition bill upon arrival and enrollment at the ELI. It will not be held on your account. If this option is chosen, please note that the I-20 duration will only be for the months of June and July (8 weeks).



Q: If I am transferring into the ELI from another program in the United States, must I submit the deposit payment?

A: Yes. As long as you are classified as an International Student, the English Language Institute requires the deposit.


Q: If I do not get an entry visa, can I request a refund for my deposit?

A: Yes! Please send us a refund request email with the subject “Tuition Refund Form TRF 1-A request” to You must send this request before the program start date written on your I-20 form. Then the ELI Admissions Counselor will send a request confirmation with the TRF 1-A attachment as a reply.


Q: What is a TRF 1-A?

A: The Tuition Refund Form 1-A is a form that documents the Student’s request for a refund and their official reason for not attending the language program. The entire form must be completed before we can process a refund.


Q: Will I get my full deposit refunded to me?

A: If you qualify, we will refund $450 USD. This is the original amount of $500 minus a $50 processing fee. If you are requesting a refund on your summer only deposit, a total of $700 will be refunded.



Q: When will the refund be processed?

A: The English Language Institute will begin processing refund requests one week before the intended start date written on the applicant’s form I-20.


Q: Who can request the refund?

A: The request must be made from the Student themselves, or their authorized corporate Agent. We will not accept a request from a friend or a “contact person”.


Q: How will the deposit amount be returned?

A: We will use the same method that was used for the original tuition deposit payment.


Q: If I am transferring out of the English Language Institute, can I get my deposit back?

A: Yes, a refund may be possible. If you completed our language program (completion of Advanced B), your tuition deposit will be returned.


Q: If I have been accepted to a University program, will I receive my deposit back?

A: If you were accepted to a degree program at the University of Texas at Arlington, we will gladly refund your deposit.  If you were accepted to a different University, and have completed the IEP Advanced B course, we will gladly refund your deposit.


Q: If I am not able to attend my initial session but wanted to apply again to the next one, do I need to pay the deposit again?

A: No, another deposit payment is not needed. Your deposit remains valid for 1 year after the payment date. Should you submit an application and the $130 fee within the 1-year validity date, your deposit will carry over to the new application cycle.


Q: If I carry over my deposit, will the 1-year validity period be extended?

A: The validity period is determined by the tuition deposit payment date. An extension of the period is not allowed. 


Q: How can I request a carry-over of my tuition deposit?

A: The Student or an authorized Agent must send in written notification by email.