EAP Dates, Costs, and Refund Policy: Fall 2018 to Summer 2019

* Items with an asterisk* are estimated costs and may be changed without notification.

* Students who are enrolled in Spring Session II are required to purchase student health insurance for the Summer session.

* Students are required to pay tuition and fees for 2 sessions when they enroll unless their I-20 is for Summer only.


1. Tuition is billed by semester.
2. Students must register and pay their designated tuition and fees for the entire semester before attending the first class of the first session of the semester.
3. If payment is not made by the required time, students will not be allowed to attend class. These absences are considered unexcused.
4. Students who miss any required part of their orientation will be assessed a $50.00 late fee.

Students who decide not to attend EAP classes for any reason understand that they are only eligible for a full tuition refund if they withdraw before the first day of the first program week of the semester. Students who attend ANY first week activities are responsible for the designated percentage of tuition.

If a student withdraws from the EAP, the refund shall be determined as follows:

Date of Withdrawal Tuition Refund
Before the first program week of the semester
• Student has no financial responsibility to the ELI
During the first, second, or third program day of the semester
• Student is responsible for 25% of their tuition
Until 5PM on the fourth program day of the semester
• Student is responsible for 50% of their tuition
After 5 PM on the fourth program day of the semester
• Student is responsible for 100% of their tuition

· Health insurance and UTA fees are not refundable
· Students are responsible for their tuition and fees regardless of when they register
· The refund policy remains the same regardless of when students pay their tuition and fees
· Students are not eligible for a refund of any tuition if they withdraw, transfer out, or are dismissed after the first week of the semester
· The program week includes the first day of registration and holidays