ELI Computer Lab




The ELI Computer Lab is located in rooms 9 and 10 in the basement of Trimble Hall. The lab consists of two connecting rooms with 38 networked Dell PCs. Two laser printers and one scanner are also available for student use. Each room also has a built in projector and speaker system.


Lab services and materials such as laser printing and handout materials are provided free of charge. All computers are networked and connected to the Internet.


Numerous software titles are available to students and teachers covering a wide range of topics, skills, and levels. Most of these applications are installed locally on the individual computers. The lab is open, generally, from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday. At least one lab assistant is on duty during these hours. The labs are reserved primarily for the use of Reading/Writing, Listening/Speaking, and Applying Grammar classes during the periods in which those classes are normally conducted, and classes are scheduled into the Lab by the appropriate skills coordinator. When the group scheduled in the lab during a particular time slot does not occupy the entire compliment of computers in that lab, then walk-in students are permitted and encouraged to avail themselves of the equipment at the discretion of the instructor.