The English Language Institute can design special programs to meet the needs of specific student groups or professionals. These custom programs are the best alternative for groups that want to enjoy the benefits of participating in the University of Texas at Arlington's English Language Institute programs but required a more personalized approach. We can develop programs tailored to your timeframe, specific content and educational focus.


Examples of Custom-Designed Programs
Summer Intensive Programs
College Preparation Programs
English Teacher Training
Executive Education
Corporate Culture and Training
Business English
Professional/faculty development
English mediated instruction
Cultural Programs
Specialized Occupational Needs Programs
Conversational English
Fluency & Accent Reduction Programs (variety of professions)
English for Engineers, Nurses. Healthcare Managers, and Other Specialized Fields
Government & Private Sponsored English Training and Education
General English for Recreational Purposes


Comprehensive Needs Evaluation

In order to determine your specific group's needs, the English Language Institute follows the following process:



Please note that summer months, June through August, are the easiest time to offer services and customized programs for your clients which may include housing and other services. Let us know how we can better serve your needs by submitting a PROPOSAL REQUEST.



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